• Patient-centric Flow Management System (PcFMS)

PcFMS manage patient flow but also implementing Digital Self Service Highway(DSSH) allows outpatients can drive by them-self to minimize patient waiting time and patient journey as well. The most important factor is self service coverage. How many outpatient using PcFMS to get medical services without manual intervention? If we can maximize self service coverage as much as we can, the return of key benefits are huge based on this coverage.

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Enhance patient quality
of service

Decrease patient waiting time, minimize patient journey, indoor location based way-finding service, smart guidance system.

Promoting privatization

High scalability for future expansion including payment service thru self service-kiosk

Increase internal productivity:

Receptionist, physician and nurse

Implementing vision 2030 / flexible Saudization

KPI & Dashboard, transparency, manageability, good governance for vision 2030


Fully Automated Out-patientServices

Automating all mandatory services to implement Digital-Self-Service-Highway including queuing service, self check-in, patient verification, same day booking, patient arrival, payment service, printing invoice.

Seamless Integration

Integrated with HIS to get the patient information, physician information, staff information, appointments, and medical services orders.

KPI & Dashboard

The system to measure the service time and waiting time for each service provided, thus it will calculate the overall service time and waiting time throughout the patients.

Pharmacy Patient-Centric Flow Management System

The system controls the patient’s flow and manage the workflow inside the pharmacy to improve patient’s satisfaction and productivity of pharmacy. All administration task will be covered by system and patient. Pharmacists can focus on their specialties.

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Full automation and seamless integration

Self-check-in, queuing service, service counter management, pharmacy work flow management, selfpayment, printing invoice, etc.

Mandatory Feedback

Patient need to send feed back about today’s medical services before check-in pharmacy.

KPI and Dashboard

Best service provider, counter utilization, service time, hourly check-in, service start time, and etc.

  • Patient-centric Emergency Department Information System (PcEDIS)

Our EDIS has advanced advantages for the ER department, namely improving the ER department’s performance, self-visual assessment thru kiosk, reducing the costs, increase patient satisfaction, enhancing the work productivity of the physician & nurse.

Also providing more quick access to the patient’s information through its integration with HIS in use in the hospital, allowing more accurate record of the clinical and administrative information, assisting the decision-making and reducing the medical errors.

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ER patient-centric flow management system

Decrease the waiting time for patients and medical staff in the emergency room. Maximize the convenience of patients, watchers, and medical staff (Self-triage, watcher registration).

Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)

Patient dashboard, nurse triage, physician triage, location management, bed management, high availability, disaster recovery.

Self Visual Assessment

Skin temperature sensor and initial assessment for patient MOH standard compliance.

KPI / Dashboard

Addar compliant ER KPI and monthly report, patient +48 hrs, patient category wise service time.

  • Dashboard & KPI

All medical service provider's activities captured at real time and transformed into KPI. The Key Performance Indicators can be shared among CEO, head of departments, and healthcare service providers thru dashboard. It will provide transparency, manageability and Good Governance for management at real time.

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KPI compliance with Vision 2030
Patient trakcking system
Patient satisfaction feedback
Dashboard transparency, manageability, good governance
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey

Provides real service improvement by measuring and providing reliable customer satisfaction through multi delivery channel & real-time mandatory feedback.

Also our feedback solution is not only supporting multiple delivery channels but also support mandatory feedback thru self service kiosk machine.

Multiple Delivery Channels

  • - Self-Service Kiosk (Mandatory Feedback)
  • - Tablet
  • - QR Code
  • - Mobile

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  • Remote Management System (RMS)

This is a comprehensive application that will handle all hardware like displays, signage & kiosk etc. this application will be deployed at the data center and can be access through the intranet web interface.

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  • Product

Basic model – IKON 7000

Samsung latest technology brings a new kiosk standard that offers a compact, space-saving design, advanced security provided by Knox, and easy management and maintenance for reliable performance.

  •   Compact design

  •   Antimicrobial coating

  •   All-in-one solution

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IKON 7000

IKON 7000 is the value added and customized Kiosk can accommodate all required additional features for our customers including e-health and e-learning. IKON7000 have many new features.

  •   Smart sensor

  •   National ID card reader

  •   Mobile screen scanner

  •   Various payment devices

  •   A4 printer for receipt and report

  •   2nd monitor

  •   MS Widows OS

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Model IKON 7000
LCD 24” Touch Screen
Resolution 1920*1080 (Full HD)
Brightness (Typ.) 250 (without glass)
Power AC 100 ~ 240V 50/60 HZ
Network Ethernet, Wi-Fi
QR/Barcode Reader 1D, 2D, OCR
Printer Thermal Line Printing
Dimension (mm) Kiosk - 334.4(W) * 733(H) * 236.5(D)
Floor Stand Set 450(W) * 929.7(H) * 324.3(D)
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Entry model - SQK Basic

it is simple patient queuing in hospital through our patient queuing management system. Wireless, wired, and LAN methods can be chosen depending on use environment, and simple installation and free location through wireless communication in an international standard RF method.


Model SQK-V100
LCD 17 inch with touch
Printer 3 inch thermal
Dimension 382 X 1487 X 430mm
Power AC 220V
Optional Serial(RS485), RF(Zigbee)
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High-end model: IKON 9000 & 9500

IKON 9000 series specially designed and developed to meet middle-east hospital requirements such as easy to use, high reliability, manageability and endurability. Also IKON9000 series designed to protect hospital’s initial investment by providing the scalability of H/W and S/W.


Model 9500 & 9500
PC P04-i5-7200u 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, Wifi+BT 4.0
Touch LCD

LCD panel: 22” Wide (16:10)

Super wide viewing angle

Viewing Angle R/L 178(Typ.), U/D 178(Typ.)

Resolution: 1680x3(RGB) x 1050

Touch Screen 3M 22”


9000 & 9500
  • Barcode reader
  • Ticket Printer
  • Smart Guidance Sensor & application
  • Skin Temperature Sensor
  • National ID Card Reader
  • Credit Card payment
  • Receipt printer
  • Passport scanner
  • Finger print scanner
  • Partition for gender separation
  • Screen panel & advertising screen & Label printer
IKON 9500
  • Bill acceptor (SR)
  • A4 Thermal Printer
  • A4 document scanner
  • Thermal Label printer
  • IC Card printer
  • A4 Printer with 2nd paper tray & paper feeder


Patient Verification

MOI finger print verification // Yaqeem service.

Smart guidance sensor:

Smart skin temperature sensor, Motion detection.

Payment module

Cash & card module.

Receipt Printer

80mm receipt paper or A4 receipt paper

Insurance card scanner

Missing description here, Missing description here.

Various Support Services

Wayfinding, medical report, book appointments, scalability.

  • E-Learning Solutions

Lecture Capturing Solution

Lecture capturing solution enable to create any type of high quality e-Learning contents easily at classroom using smart sensor technology.



High quality AV capturing
Air conditioner and beam projector noise suppression
Full HD PTZ camera
Adaptive voice tracking

Distance Learning

Lecture sharing system allow to connect multiple classrooms together with high quality audio, video and contents sharing.

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Capturing and broadcasting
  • - Capturing video and save to file server
  • - Live broadcasting thru web site.
Attend lecture anywhere Multiple delivery channel
  • - Mobile phone
  • - Tablet
  • - PC
Support various type of classroom
  • Classroom
  • Lecture hall
  • Studio
  • Meeting room
High Quality Lecture Sharing System
  • - Share video/audio/contents attendance
  • - Auto Instructor tracking camera
  • - Auto zoom-in with writing gesture
  • - Echo cancellation
  • - A/C and B/P noise suppression

E-Attendance System

Attendance checking system support multiple delivery channels and localized to adapt Islamic culture.



Web based attendance management
  • system for instructor, students and section manager.
Adapting Islamic Culture
  • - Ramadan and player time shift
  • - Check and confirm at classroom
  • - Easy to use touch I/F
Attendance dashboard
  • - KPI & Dashboard
Blended online and offline attendance
  • Share far site classroom attendance Integration with SIS and e-Register Remote Management System.
Server time synchronization Multiple delivery channel

Remote Management System

Remote management system help to support widely spread multiple campus with minimum operation cost and unified management.

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Fault based management
Monitoring System Malfunction at real-time
Proactive support
User / Facility / Ticket Management
Provide well organized standard process
IP phone support Meeting room

Smart Card Service

Smart card solution integrated with academic system can provide work flow automation service and administrative & convenient service for student and faculty.



Work Process Automation Services
Personalization System
Administrative Services
Convenient Services
  • E-learning Product

Smart Classroom Controller:

AlThaki – 9000 & Smart Classroom e-podium

More than 2000 classrooms have been installed with our Althaki classroom controller since 2006. This e-podium has been localized and customized with ME requirements.


Full HD PTZ camera

Suitable for standing type lecture for Big/medium size classroom, auditorium.

Integration with Smart Campus System
  • Lecture Capture & broadcasting
  • Distance Classroom
  • E-Attendance
  • Remote Management System
Classroom device control
  • Connect up to 16 control devices like sliding screen, light, elevation
  • Distance Classroom
  • E-Attendance
  • Remote Management System
All-In-One Wall Mount Controller - Althaki 9000w


Cabinet 19" International standard
Screen 17" with touch
Input Options Pen/Touch/Mouse
HDMI/RGB 3*3 HDMI/RGB matrix switch
Mic/Speaker Internal speaker & mic
Audio 3 audio-in and 2 audio-out
Amplifier 60W / 120W / 300W
Speakers 8 ceiling
Microphones 6 Microphones
Projector Dual beam projector
16 peripherals light, sliding screen & elevation
Input/Output 2 digital input & 4 output
LAN/USB Built-In LAN and USB Hub
  • K-Digital Health

  • About US

Welcome to 4CGATE Middle-East

4CgateMe is a total solution provider for e-Learning, e-Health, and e-Government. 4Cgate is South Korean company based in Seoul, Korea. We opened Riyadh branch office since 2006 and has Commercial Registration and SAGIA certificate since 2006. We are adapting Korean Digital Solutions to realize Vision 2030 and National Transformation Program.

  • Services


More than 90% of general hospitals in Korea are adapting our solutions to maximize key benefits. Hospital can save their cost and increase the quality of patient services dramatically with full automation and seamless integration. Our solutions enhance not only the quality of outpatient services but also can save cost by automation, increase internal productivity, implement flexible Saudization, and expedite privatization.

e-Health Reference Sites
  •   King Fahad Medical City

  •   King Saud Medical City

  •   Prince Sultan Military Medical City

  •   Riyadh Care Hospital

  •   National Care Hospital

  •   Magrabhi Hospitals

  •   Saudi German Hospitals


Our smart campus solutions is to realize the best campus through maximization the work productivity in academic activities and provide the most satisfactory life to all member. We are focusing on smart classroom solution, lecture sharing system, LMS, educational portal, lecture capturing, access control system, attendance system, smart card solutions and contents authoring tools.

e-Learning Reference Sites
  •   King Saud University

  •   Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University

  •   Princess Nora Bint Abdulahman University

  •   University of Dammam

  •   Technical & Vocational Training Corporation

  •   King Abdulaziz University

  •   Yanbu University College

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